2016 Community Impact Grant Focus




The Yuba-Sutter United Way is eager to transition to a Community Impact Model.  We are excited at the opportunities we have to partner with local organizations that will undoubtedly provide quality services to meet the priorities and outcomes listed below:


Focus Areas  

To be healthier, a child needs:

Priorities/Impact Areas

Intended Outcomes

Healthy Social and Emotional Development: 


Children are provided opportunities which create healthy social and emotional development.

Safe Supportive Home




Role Models /Mentors

Children live in a safe home that fosters an environment for a healthy future.


Children have stable and supportive relationships outside of their home.

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity: 


Children will have a healthy diet and will engage in regular physical activity.

Health Eating



Physical Activity



Nutrition Education

Improve availability of healthy and nutritious food.


Increase opportunity for physical activity and play.


Strengthen knowledge of the importance of a healthy diet.

Educational Support: 


Children have the necessary support to be successful in school.






Children are provided with a supportive tutoring program that will help them thrive in school.


Children are exposed to reading at an early age and parents are educated on the importance of reading.

Physical Health:


Children will have opportunities for regular medical, mental and dental care and education.

Medical Health



Mental Health




Dental Health

Children are provided regular medical care and education.


Children are provided mental health evaluation, treatment and education.


Children are provided regular dental care, treatment and education.